Bring your unique story to life on the page or on the stage!

Heather Heimerl Brunold has spent her two-decade career as a thought leader in education specializing in identity development and empowering individuals. Over the last several years, Heather has curated, directed, and produced more than 50 TEDx Talks, which have generated millions of views. Excitingly, all Talks from 2017 and 2018 were exceptional enough to be featured on

Bryan Kett is an award-winning teacher, writer, and storyteller whose work has appeared on internationally recognized outlets, including and The Moth podcast. He specializes in the craft of storytelling. His work can be viewed HERE.

Together, Bryan and Heather guide workshops at schools, corporations, non-profits, and work one-on-one with private clients to help participants leverage their personal identities and to craft stories that empower.


Excavate and Articulate Your Personal Story:

For the stage or the page, we offer expertise in the craft of storytelling and identity development for private clients, schools and businesses.


Private Storytelling Coaching for Individuals

We help to connect you with your unique life story by offering individual story consulting designed to discover, craft, and deliver your personal narrative for live events or manuscripts.

  • Work one-on-one with Bryan and Heather to excavate and articulate your unique truth
  • We work hourly, on retainer, or through storytelling packages; each format guides participants through tried and true exercises, with real time feedback and hands-on practice
  • Whether it be a toast for a wedding, a keynote address, or preparation for a speaking tour, we’ve got you covered! 

Storytelling for Schools: 1-, 2-, or 5-day workshops

We implement academic workshops for faculty, students and other school stakeholders that focus on empowerment of the individual and collective voice through personal narrative. This includes:

  • Workshops that utilize the TED framework to uncover individual and collective value sets as a way to address the social issues in our current climate 
  • Activities to discover and craft personal stories that foster understanding and empathy 
  • Real-time feedback for students and teachers to help them publicly articulate their stories in order to foster a sense of worth and visibility 
  • Roundtable discussions with myriad stakeholders to hone personal storytelling generating buy in to school culture

Storytelling for Businesses: 2-day workshop 

We conduct brand identity and storytelling workshops to excavate and articulate organizational and personal values to align coworkers as well as customers. This includes:

  • Workshops to uncover what makes your brand unique so you can differentiate yourself in the market 
  • Guided exercises that capitalize on personal stories as a way to create memorable, emotional resonance with clients and team members
  • Real-time feedback on how to deliver unique stories as a way to foster relatability in the workplace 

Work with Heather and Bryan to transform your Words2Action!

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