Discover, craft, and deliver your personal narrative with experts who have produced and delivered talks for the TED stage.

Heather Heimerl Brunold has spent her two-decade career as a thought leader in education, dedicating the last several years to curating, directing, and producing more than 50 TED Talks, which have generated millions of views. She specializes in identity development and empowering the individual voice.

Bryan Kett is an award-winning teacher, writer, and storyteller whose work has appeared on internationally recognized outlets, including TED.com and The Moth podcast. He specializes in the craft of storytelling. His work can be viewed HERE.

Together, Bryan and Heather guide workshops at schools, corporations, non-profits, and work one-on-one with private clients to help participants leverage their personal identities and to craft stories that empower.


For the stage or the page, Heather and Bryan offer expertise in the craft of storytelling and personal brand identity development for private clients, schools and businesses.

Private Clients

We help to connect you with your truth by offering individual story consulting designed to discover, craft, and deliver your personal narrative for live events or manuscripts.


We work with schools to facilitate academic workshops, developing curriculum for both faculty and students, by focusing on the empowerment of the individual and the collective voice. Participants learn to advocate for themselves and others.


We work in both corporate and nonprofit sectors to support brand identity development and use storytelling to transform professional communities through empathy.

Work with Heather and Bryan to transformation your Words2Action!